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Liturgical Season


Lent is a double journey—a journey together (and alone) toward the mystery of God’s redemptive embrace in the death and resurrection of Christ. At the same time, it is a journey into the depths of our humanity. Without a shared, living memory of who Jesus Christ was, there would be no faith community with a distinctive Christian identity. Without a living encounter over time with who Christ is in our midst, there would be no unfolding of Christian life, and ministry. The double journey of Lent, then, is a baptismal journey.

Historically considered, Lent developed as a season of preparation and formation for initiation into the church at Easter. The forty days of preparation involved the whole church, not only those preparing to be baptized. The journey of discipline, prayer, and instruction, which was known in the early church as the “catechumenate,” provided those already baptized with a yearly reentry into the meaning and deepening range of commitment entailed by baptism. This was also a period when any people who had lapsed from the church could be reconciled and restored to fellowship. Ash Wednesday emerged in early medieval times as a day of penitence to mark the beginning of Lent’s forty days (excluding the Sundays) of preparation for the paschal celebration at Easter, beginning with Maundy Thursday evening through Sunday morning. The great theme of Ash Wednesday is “return to the Lord.” The day emphasizes our mortality and humanity. “As the sign of the cross is drawn on the forehead, participants are reminded, “They are dust, and to dust they shall return. “ Lent is time for searching deep within and discovering those things within us that are not Christ like or life giving.  It is a time for putting aside the sins and failures of the past through repentance in order to journey toward who we are yet to become by the grace of Christ in baptism.

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